La Terrazza in Italienska: reviews and dress code - rooftop bar in Stockholm (2023)

Greetings, wonderful viewers! What a pleasure to have your attention. Today I am happy to share with you my first-hand experience of the wonderful terrace of La Terrazza at Italienska. Oh what a sight! From the moment I stepped onto the patio, I was overwhelmed by the breathtaking view and it only got better from there.

As I took in the beauty of the city, I couldn't help but notice that the unique dress code adds to the sophisticated atmosphere of the place. This is a place where style meets elegance and you don't want to be left out of the fashion world.

So, dear listeners, join me as I take you on a journey to my La Terrazza in Italienska, where you'll experience the luxurious atmosphere, stunning views and impeccable dress code that make it a must-see. Let's get started, shall we;

An Italian-inspired summer terrace with a seaside atmosphere

Italienska is an Italian restaurant and cocktail bar opening in 2021 on the corner of the busy Hötorget square. This restaurant is the perfect place to dine, drink and relax in comfort. It has a comfortable and spacious indoor restaurant and bar open all year round. In addition, there is a lush and modern rooftop summer terrace called La Terrazza, similar to a seaside Italian beach restaurant, where guests can enjoy plenty of drinks and snacks alfresco while overlooking Hötorget.

Italians' love of all things Italian is evident at Italienska, from mountainous Aosta to the Ligurian coast, the Sicilian countryside and everything in between. The restaurant offers a wide variety of Italian cuisine, rich and authentic. In addition, guests can enjoy an impressive selection of wines, carefully crafted signature cocktails and classic cocktails with an Italian twist, all with Italian aperitif culture.

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La Terrazza at Italienska is the place for socializing, relaxing and short breaks. It is ideal for day and night activities, especially when the weather permits. Book a table on the terrace for a sunny lunch or a delicious dinner, or simply relax on one of the lounge furniture and enjoy the drinks and the atmosphere.

All in all, Italieniskan is the perfect place to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, authentic Italian food and signature cocktails with the Italian aperitivo culture. This is a place that offers a unique dining experience with a seaside atmosphere, ideal for those who want to relax after a long day.

Five main features of Italienska

  • La Terrazza Summer Roof Terrace has the atmosphere of a seaside Italian restaurant on the beach
  • Impressive authentic Italian food
  • Variety of neat signature and classic cocktails
  • Comfortable and spacious indoor restaurant and bar open all year round
  • The perfect day and night space for socializing and relaxing

I recently visited Italienska with my best friend and had a great experience on their beautiful rooftop summer terrace, La Terrazza. The Italian inspired decor gave us an instant beach vibe and the outdoor seating allowed us to enjoy great food and drinks while admiring the amazing view of Hötorget.

The in-house restaurant and bar also offers an elegant and spacious environment, perfect for a cozy dinner or a night out. We love that Italieniskan offers a variety of Italian food from different regions such as Aosta, Liguria and Sicily. The taste is authentic and the quality of the dishes impeccable.

The wine selection is impressive and their signature cocktails are a perfect fusion of Italian aperitivo culture. My friend Samantha was excited to try the classic Negroni flavor and it was definitely worth it.

La Terrazza was the highlight of our experience. We are so happy to find lounge furniture where we can sit back and relax while enjoying great food and drinks. The atmosphere is really great, the staff are friendly and welcoming.

La Terrazza at Italienska is the perfect place if you want to have a great day and night experience. We recommend making a reservation for a sunny lunch or a sumptuous dinner, but you can also drop by for a drink and the atmosphere. We are open Friday and Saturday from 12:00 to 00:00 so you can enjoy our beautiful roof terrace all day long.

Overall, La Terrazza at Italienska is a must visit if you are in Stockholm. An Italian-inspired summer terrace with a seaside atmosphere is worth experiencing with your loved ones. We had a great time and we're sure you will too!

Dressing for Italians: Fashion Tips for Men and Women

Italienska is a premier rooftop destination, offering the ambiance of the stunning La Terrazza summer rooftop terrace and Italian beach restaurants. Whether you're visiting Italienska for a romantic dinner, a night out with friends or a business meeting, it's essential to dress appropriately to match the sophisticated atmosphere of the place.

For women:
Dress to impress by choosing stylish and elegant outfits such as maxi dresses or flowy summer dresses. Style it with comfortable and stylish sandals or wedges and accessorize with a statement necklace or earrings from famous fashion labels like Michael Kors or Chanel. A clutch or crossbody bag completes the look and don't forget a stylish shawl or cashmere for cooler evenings.

Men can wear a tailored suit or trousers with a button-down shirt for a smart and stylish look. Loafers or dress shoes complete the look and accessorize with designer watches and cufflinks, such as those from Cartier or Omega. A jacket or sports coat can also add a touch of elegance to an outfit.

Overall, dressing for Italian requires a smart and elegant approach. Be sure to choose clothes that are comfortable, stylish and appropriate for the occasion. Accessorize with jewelry or accessories from well-known brands and wear shoes that match the outfit. With these style tips, you'll look and feel your best while enjoying Italieniskan's impressive array of authentic Italian food, signature cocktails and bars.

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Address and map:

Hötorget 4, 111 57 Stockholm

Thank you for joining us on our journey to discover the exquisite La Terrazza at Italienska. We hope you enjoy the experience and it leaves you craving more. If you want to explore further, we invite you to read our other lifestyle, fashion or place content. Or, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them with us. Our team is always happy to hear from you. Follow us on Instagram or TwitterMore engaging content,Find out about the latest news, trends and events. until next time,Beauty and elegance await.

Frequently Asked Questions – La Terrazza in Italy

1. What kind of food does Italianankan serve?
Italieniskan serves Italian cuisine that includes dishes from different regions of Italy, such as Aosta, Liguria and Sicily.

2. Does Italienska have indoor and outdoor dining options?
Yes, Italienska has a spacious indoor restaurant and bar, open all year round, and a trendy summer rooftop terrace called La Terrazza, where guests can enjoy drinks and snacks al fresco.

3. What drinks are served at Italienska?
Italienskan offers an impressive selection of wines, carefully crafted signature cocktails and classic cocktails with an Italian twist. All drinks are inspired by Italian aperitif culture.

4. Can events be booked at La Terrazza in Italienska?
The source did not specify whether La Terrazza could be booked for an event, but cited Italienska as a great place to socialize day and night, enjoying drinks and snacks and short Italian-style breaks.

5. Where is Italianan?
Italienska is located on the corner of the busy Hötorget square.

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